What is GiveFTW?
GiveFTW is a community given game. Sponsors donate money for charities and prizes for gamers, who unlock everything by playing.
Where do the donations come from?
Charitable and loot drop donations come from GiveFTW’s season sponsors. Individual participants playing the game do not need to pay or buy anything.
What is a season?
Seasons, usually about a week long, are when the GiveFTW games are played. Each season will have different sponsors and support different charities.
How donations work?
Donations are provided by season sponsors. Players do not need to spend any money or buy anything. Charitable donations are guaranteed, meaning the charity gets all of the money even if all goals haven’t been met. Loot drops, however, must be unlocked before players can enter to win.
What if we don't get all the donation unlocks?
Charitable donations are guaranteed, meaning the charity gets all of the money even if all goals haven’t been met.
How do loot drops work?
Once specific global point goals are met, loot drops are unlocked. Loot drops are sweepstakes with prize packages provided by the loot drop sponsors. Each player receives a number of entries to each unlocked loot drop based on their season points.
How do points work?
Every point earned gets added to a global pool for unlocking donation levels and loot drops. Every point earned by a player that season becomes an entry into the sweepstakes when loot drops unlock. Points earned by party members are added to a party score, which determines leaderboard placements.
How do tasks work?
Tasks are different activities that you can do to earn points. These activities usually have something to do with learning about the charity or the sponsor, engaging with them on social media, or sharing their stories. Tasks will never require players to spend money. Some tasks are available the whole season, and some are time-limited “dailies” that offer more points the earlier they are completed. Tasks will be worth different amounts of points depending on their difficulty and involvement.
How do parties work?
Parties are social groups for organizing players and entering leaderboards. Players can join a new party each season. Parties at the top of the leaderboard can unlock special loot drops for members to win. Individual leaderboard placement does not affect the player's number of sweepstakes entries.
I'm a gamer. How can I participate?
Sign up and start playing! Every day there are new tasks that earn points, along with some early bird bonuses.
I'm a streamer. How can I participate?
You can sign up and start playing as well, but you’ll probably want to create a party for your community. Parties are a great way to coordinate groups of people and earn leaderboard bragging rights!
I'm a business or charity leader. How can we participate?
We’re always looking to bring donors and charities together. Please reach out to contact@giveftw.com.