About GiveFTW
We are a charitable giving game that brings gamers together with charities and corporate donors. Together, here’s how we make the world a better place:

Sponsors donate
money to charity.

Loot sponsors donate prizes for the community.

The community earns
points to enable it all.

You don’t need to open your wallet. You don’t need to buy anything. Just bring your time, energy, and a little competitive spirit to get the message out to your community and start unlocking loot drops.

Through giving, we all win!


GiveFTW has been incubating for the past year and has now completed its first season.

GiveFTW will roll out multiple seasons every year, each benefiting a featured set of charities with guaranteed donations from sponsors and featuring fun loot for the community.


GiveFTW is not owned by a sponsor. It is a community-led digital festival dedicated to raising awareness and funds for important causes, harnessing the gaming community’s collective energy to make a positive difference in the world.


There will never be a financial ask from gamers, just a call to help spread the word about amazing causes and interact with our sponsors through season tasks.

These tasks will unlock new loot drops that the community can win, which is something we can all feel good about.

Here’s a bit about the
recent season

Daily and season-wide tasks will accrue points for you, your party (should you group up), and the community.

Points unlock:

  • -
    Loot drops for the community
  • -
    Entries to win loot from drops. Each point is an entry, so more points = more chances to win!


There will be timed amplifiers! The sooner you do ‘dailies,’ the more points you earn. Amplifiers can also be given out when party captains complete activities.


You can join a party each season. Have fun with it! It could be your raid party, your streaming community, or just a clever name that brings people together.


Your profile carries over from season to season. We will do something special to recognize our top GiveFTW community members as we all journey together through future seasons.


Give us ideas and help us along the way! We are here to make the world better as a gaming community.


Thank you for your time and interest in making our world better, together.

For questions, please follow us and ask on Twitter at @GiveFTW.

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